Considered as one of the best representatives of finger drumming in Belgium, Simon Leleux started playing music with what has remained his favorite instrument: the darbuka. This instrument, shaped like a tumbler, whose traditions linked to it are as different as the refined ways to play it, was the starting point of his interest for many types of percussions. Among these, the tombak, the Indian tablas, the frame drums, the riqq and the cajon, to name but a few.

Trained with such masters as Zohar Fresco, Ahmet Misirli, Pedram Khavarzamini, Madjid Khaladj, Niti Ranjan Biswas, Azzedine Jazouli, since late 2015, he has focused on studying the doholla (bass darbuka) with the master who broke new ground with this instrument: Levent Yildrim.

Simon already shared the stage with countless musical celebrities and extremely varied projects, ranging from arabic music with Ghalia Benali to baroque music with Les Menus Plaisirs du Roy, not to forget Berber songs with Khalid Izri, ottoman music with Lâmekân Ensemble, Kudsi Erguner (Ottoman Drums), Derya Türkan, Murat Aydemir, western folk music with Onirim and the Machine and Orbál, music from the Balkans with Tcha Limberger, Nedyalko Nedyalkov, the Karsilama Quintet, world music with Ross Daly & Kelly Thoma, Emre Gultekin/Vardan Hovanissian and the project Refugees for Refugees, fusion jazz with Michel Massot and the Surprises of the Chef, French songs with Claire Spineux, rock with Kazmath...

In 2014, in order to continue his rythmico-musical research, he launched a duet called Auster Loo, with flute player Lydie Thonnard.

In 2016, the group Elefan was born.

Having graduated in pedagogy in 2013 from the Namur Conservatory (I.M.E.P. in 2015) as well as from the Rotterdam Conservatory (Master of Music Codarts) in Turkish percussions, he is currently teaching within the Brussels organisation focused on world music MuziekPublique, as well as two local academies.